Naples That's Amore Starring Pasquale Esposito
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Naples … That’s Amore! is a sensational, spellbinding Italian revue that has captivated audiences in Italy and the United States. This musical show, which debuted in California last fall, stars the Italian tenor Pasquale Esposito accompanied by a talented Italian cast of actors and dancers. After successful performances in Northern California, the show returned to Italy in December 2005, and January 2006, for well received performances in Pompei and Naples. Presently, Naples … That’s Amore! will embark on its 2006 U.S. National Tour in October with stops through many major metropolitan cities to include: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago.

The revue is comprised of a compilation of American, Italian, and Neapolitan songs that are presented in modern, colorful arrangements coupled with contemporary dance. The show shares the experiences of a nostalgic, Italian singer who resides in the United States. As he longs for his hometown, Naples, Italy, he invites the audience on an unforgettable musical journey to Naples where he reminisces about the beauty, life, and love of his city. The combination of Pasquale’s electrifying vocals, stimulating choreography under the direction of Ettore Squillace have fused a stunning production that will leave audiences longing for more.


Director's Note
Dealing with a subject like immigration is often associated with the idea of a nostalgic and possibly outdated topic but I do not believe that to be the case with “Naples That’s Amore…” “Freshness”, “Youth”, “Gaiety”, “Amusement”, these are the key elements of the musical. The show is not intended to be a vehicle of self appreciation. Quite the opposite, every step is intended to make the show in itself a success. As a matter of fact, the show includes none of those style exercises that often represent the real scope of staging a musical and giving the public the distinct feeling of being simply the guinea pigs for the artistic experiments of the director or the author. In this case, the line that supports the whole show is simple and effective: after spending a long time in the United States, a young singer from Naples, Italy, Pasquale, goes back to his beloved town to experience again those colors, those flavors, and those situations that he has so dearly missed while he has been away.
When he arrives in Naples, two friends of his from a far away past, Antonio and Gennaro, recognize him but hesitate in approaching him because they do not know what language to use in talking to him. When they finally find the courage to talk to him in very rudimental English, Pasquale, that has not forgotten is Italian language at all, decides to make fun of these two old friends for a little while and pretends not to understand Italian anymore. This gives rise to a multiplicity of comical situations and short gags based on a series of small misunderstandings. Pasquale tells his friends that his job in the United States is to sing… That is the starting point for a continuous succession of some of the most beautiful and notorious songs of the classical Neapolitan repertoire and of the Italian musical tradition. Song like:
“Quando, Quando, Quando”,
“Buona Sera”,
“Mambo Italiano”,
“Nel blu dipinto di blu”,
“Just a gigolò”,

“O’ Sole Mio”,
“Torna a Surriento”,

“Rumba degli Scugnizzi”,

“Tammurriata Nera”,

and many, many others...