Naples That's Amore Starring Pasquale Esposito
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Pasquale Esposito, originally from Naples, Italy, immigrated to the United States in 1998 to pursue his career as a professional vocalist. For the past eight years, Pasquale has been entertaining audiences throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and other metropolitan cities across the country, performing in concerts, musical revues, and private engagements.

At present, he is attending San Jose State University’s School of Music where he is completing coursework towards a degree in Music with an emphasis in opera.

Under the direction of world-renown faculty, Pasquale has developed his distinguished tenor voice that has captured critics and audiences world-wide. In particular, Pasquale has been inspired by one of his professors, Joseph Frank. Professor Frank’s personal repertoire spans the fields of opera, concert, and oratorio. His influence and support of Pasquale have greatly developed Pasquale’s career as a vocalist. As a result of Pasquale’s extensive training, he sings both classical and contemporary genres in the following languages German, French, Spanish, Italian, Neapolitan, and English.

Pasquale has demonstrated his vocal prowess with the release of three full-length CDs: “My Passion” (2000), “My Destiny” (2004), and “ Naples … That’s Amore!” (2005). All three CDs have been well received by audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Pasquale’s most recent release, “ Naples ... That’s Amore!” (2005) which debuted last fall is a double CD that is comprised of over 40 Italian, Neapolitan, and English songs that are presented in unique and contemporary arrangements. Presently, Pasquale is working with many songwriters, music arrangers, and musicians to complete his fourth CD, due for release in 2007, which includes a collection of original songs.

As an emerging artist, Pasquale has continuously attempted to share his rich, Italian culture with the American public. Starring in Naples … That’s Amore! created the opportunity for Pasquale to realize this dream. His collaboration with long-time friend and colleague, Ettore Squillace, resulted in the sensational and moving production that has enthralled and appealed to audiences world-wide. Pasquale is the lead vocalist in Naples … That’s Amore! To learn more about Pasquale, visit



Ettore Squillace is a world-renown choreographer and director. In 2001, he established Dancework Studio in Naples, Italy where he and his wife, Olimpia Squillace, an accomplished performer, have developed a comprehensive performing arts program instructing students in dance, acting, and singing. Most recently, Ettore has produced, directed, and choreographed Al Di La Delle Nuvole (The Life of Padre Pio) which debuted in Naples in the spring of 2005. This musical production, which is currently on tour in Italy, has received accolades from audiences and top critics.

Amongst over 50 musicals and comedies that Ettore has been involved with, Naples … That’s Amore! is the first production whereby Ettore will share his talent with American audiences. His collaboration with Pasquale Esposito created the ideal nexus of both powerful vocals and stimulating dance that has transcended into an incredible experience for all audiences.

Ettore began his study of dance in Rome under the direction of Renato Greco and Mariateresa Dal Medico. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in modern, jazz, and classical dance, he continued his studies at various programs throughout Europe. Before becoming an instructor at his studio in Naples, Ettore participated in many successful performances in theater, television, and film. As a member of the Ivir Danza Company, he performed as a principal in Metamorfosi, Accade, and Anna e Marco. Later, he joined Grandi Operetti di Sandro Massimi Company, where he performed in the critically acclaimed Il Paese dei Campanelli and Al Cavallino Bianco. His film credits include the prinicipal role in Il Catante e il Campione. To learn more about Ettore, visit




Antonio Aprile, a native of Naples, Italy, is a lyricist, composer, vocalist, and musical arranger. In 1997, Antonio opened his own recording studio, Midi Studio, in Naples, Italy. Prior to opening the studio, Antonio has had an impressive background of experience on many levels including but limited to performance as well as musical arrangement for several festivals that have been televised throughout Italy.

In 2003, Antonio joined Pasquale Esposito and Ettore Squillace to create Naples … That’s Amore! Aside from assisting with the musical selection, Antonio individually transformed each song into a modern arrangement without minimizing the intent of the original composers. His interpretation of the songs and ingenious vision has resulted into an extraordinary production. Antonio’s talent can be enjoyed with the soon to be released album titled, “ Naples ... That’s Amore!” which will feature all of the songs that Antonio personally arranged.

In addition to managing his studio, Antonio is active in many other musical organizations. He is the Director for Musical Affairs for the Italiani nel Mondo as well as the Artistic Director for Giro Festival that airs every year on RAI International. For over six years, he has also participated in the Festival di Napoli and served as a senior musical arranger for all of the productions.



Samira Ghazvini, Pasquale’s manager, has played an integral role as the producer of the 2006 US Tour of Naples … That’s Amore! Samira has lived and traveled extensively throughout western Europe, during which time she developed her love for Italy.

Aside from practicing law, Samira has been managing Pasquale since October 2003 and has supported Pasquale’s pursuit of sharing Italian music and culture with the American public through his performances, concerts, and CDs. As the producer of the 2006 US Tour, Samira is responsible for the logistics, management, promotion, and sponsorship of all the performances. Samira holds a law degree from Santa Clara University and a Bachelor of Arts in International Economics from UCLA.